TIDE Research Hub

SolidGround is an active partner in the ARC Industrial Transformational Research Hub for Transforming energy Infrastructure through Digital Engineering (TIDE). TIDE is developing new science and technology through digital engineering, to optimise the management of offshore energy infrastructure – thereby making this activity cheaper and yet more reliable. Agile decision-making, improved safety, efficiency and long-term reliability, and the lowering of environmental risk will be achieved through close partnership with our industry partners. Training data science enabled engineers with exportable skills facilitates technology transfer to other sectors, such as marine renewable energy.


SolidGround has together with ARTE3S the mission to accelerate the green transition in Japan, by offering flexible and industry best solutions to the growing Japanese offshore wind market. ARTE3S is a Tokyo-based Engineering Consulting Company, established by a team of engineers specialized in various fields. ARTE3S have extensive experience in EPC business, renewable energy and have been working within major companies in the global energy power infrastructure funds, civil & electrical engineering .


Qeye is sister company to SolidGround and together we work closely on developing tools that helps our clients succeed. Qeye is a geophysical technology company specialising in quantitative interpretation (QI). Qeye provide project based consultancy using proprietary and innovative QI software.