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SolidGround is a geotechnical, geophysical and geological technology company specializing in integrating large amounts of geodata. We build on an agile approach with focus on effective project execution without compromising quality. All of our algorithms and most of our tools are built in-house to ensure efficiency and complete transparency of our workflows.

Through Qeye we are more than 20 dedicated and highly skilled geoscientists that are eager to help our clients succeed. One of the things in common for everyone associated with SolidGround is our curiosity about nature and science. Therefore, it comes naturally to us not only to be updated on the newest technologies and ideas within our fields of expertise – but also constantly to contribute to the development of technologies and ideas. We have several scientific publications and conference contributions on our CVs and we are currently involved in multiple research projects

Key Personnel

Esben Thorup Dalgaard

Managing Director

Henrik Juhl Hansen

Lead Geophysicist

Bruno Stuyts

Geotechnical Advisor